Annual Report 2015

Key events in 2015

In the spring, we acquired the Swedish company Kredithanterarna to strengthen OpusCapita’s position in the Swedish market. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of our customers’ financial processes to free up as much working capital as possible. The acquisition allows us to offer an attractive end-to-end solution for the management of our customers’ cash flows and to help them optimize their working capital.

Being a company that wants to be at the forefront of development in robotics, we were one of the founding members of the Airo Island Association (Artificial Intelligence & Robotics). The aim is to have professionals and operators in the fields of AI and robotics working together on creating new products and concepts that will allow Finland to retake its position among the world’s leading countries in leveraging and developing digitality as well as creating innovations related to robotized service products.

In September, we discontinued our operations in Slovakia after operating there since 2008. The decision was based on our strategy of withdrawing from markets in which we have not achieved the position of market leader in locally provided services.

OpusCapita got a new CEO at the beginning of October when Patrik Sallner joined the company. Before joining OpusCapita, he was the CEO of MariaDB Corporation.

Late in the year, we sold our businesses serving the local markets in the Baltic countries to BaltCap. The transaction included OpusCapita AS, which operates in Estonia and Latvia, as well as UAB OpusCapita, which operates in Lithuania. We nevertheless continue to operate our Baltic centres of expertise, which serve customers outside the Baltic countries. The transaction allows us to focus on our strategic business areas in Europe.