Annual Report 2015

Business environment and strategy

In logistics, the competitive situation was tough throughout the year. The recession has slowed down the market, and volumes in heavy traffic have been on the decline in Finland for several consecutive years. Nevertheless, goods and products are constantly being transported and stored. The growth of eCommerce is also creating new opportunities in logistics.

Our strategic goal is to maintain a strong market position and achieve profitable growth. As the market leader, we are a high-quality and cost-effective service provider for our customers, and our services are easy to buy.

We have the largest retail network in Finland and, during the first quarter of 2016, our retail network in the Baltic countries will also become the largest in that region. We improve the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of our retail network through partner solutions as well as digital services.

We continuously renew and develop our products and services. We improve the efficiency and utilization rates of our warehouses. As leveraging information technology is at the core of our entire strategy, we are investing in robotics, hybrid warehouses, and the management of material and information flows.

We seek significant growth in logistics outsourcing solutions. We are also taking new steps in food logistics, in-house logistics and eCommerce for food products, and we are investing in logistics services for the public sector.

We operate in Finland as a common carrier. This means that we are a neutral domestic delivery service provider that does not operate international traffic of its own and does not compete with other international operators in international traffic. We offer international carriers the “last mile” of the flow of goods.