Annual Report 2015

New products and services

Meal deliveries by Posti were supplemented with other day-to-day home care services in the spring when we introduced a new home service in partnership with Helsinki Deaconess Institute Hoiva. The same person that delivers meals to the customer’s home also handles additional tasks such as heating and serving the meal, as well as other assistance such as cleaning the refrigerator and taking out the garbage.

Viilea, a refrigerated mailbox, is used to deliver mail and consumer goods requiring cold storage without the customer having to be at home to receive them. We were the first operator in Finland to successfully test the service. The pilot started in summer 2015 in partnership with the senior citizens’ services of the City of Rauma Department of Social Services and Health. The grocery bags were delivered to refrigerated Viilea mailboxes installed in front of the assisted living facility.

Following the expansion of our retail network in the Baltic countries, our network of pickup locations for eCommerce parcels now also covers Latvia and Lithuania. In Estonia, Posti’s parcel point network holds a share of one third of the Estonian parcel market. The number of parcel points in Estonia currently stands at 82.

Our new cloud service GLUE (Generic Layer for Universal eCommerce) provides eCommerce with opportunities for growth. GLUE brings customers, online stores, and suppliers under the same network. GLUE transfers the customer's order from the online store to the cloud service where the delivery can be directed to the customer directly from the supplier's storage, the online store's own storage, Posti's storage, or through a multi-channel retailer’s physical retail locations.

Over the next two years, we will gradually implement a modern warehouse management system. With world-class technological capabilities, the system will enable improvements such as the optimization of automated warehouse operations. The system will be implemented at all of Posti’s warehouses in Finland.

We signed an agreement with the City of Tampere on local logistics services delivered to customers of municipal services for the elderly who live at home. Examples of the goods delivered include incontinence products and library books. The number of deliveries is estimated at 10,000 per year. Starting in October, we have handled the transportation of materials between 43 libraries in Southwest Finland. The goods carried are mostly books, but other library materials are also included.

A tradition that goes back 45 years continued when advance voting for the Finnish parliamentary election took place in April at 912 advance voting locations across the country, 38 of which were Posti outlets. In addition to Posti outlets, we also organized advance voting in two shopping malls.

At the turn of the year 2015–2016, we opened Finland’s most versatile and efficient service center for fashion logistics in Orimattila’s Pennala district. In conjunction with this, we relocated our fashion logistics functions to Pennala from the Sopenkorva district of Lahti. We offer fashion logistics customers a comprehensive range of supplementary services: custom sewing, repair sewing, printing, embroidery, ozonization/odor removal, stain removal, and eCommerce solutions.