Annual Report 2015

New products and services

One of the most significant new products of the year was Postinen, which was launched at the beginning of March 2015 as a new medium for unaddressed advertising. Households now receive advertisements and other unaddressed items in a separate wrapped bundle twice a week.

Advertisements, free distribution papers, and other unaddressed mail are automatically bundled inside a paper wrapping. The wrapping itself also serves as a new marketing medium for advertisers. The goal is to improve the competitiveness of paper-based communications and the profitability of delivery operations in the face of a rapid increase in digital communications, as well as to reduce the time spent on the manual sorting of advertising mail.

The Posti Home Services project develops new business based on home-delivered services. Our network of professionals and transport fleet cover the entire country and they can be used for the benefit of our customers in many ways in addition to the delivery of shipments and meals, as we reach 2.8 million households every working day. At Posti, we are used to having confidential encounters with customers as part of delivering mail and other goods. At the same time, we can help to create new jobs even as the volume of traditional letter mail is decreasing. We piloted various home-delivered services during the year in different parts of Finland.

Early in 2016, we began piloting a new service called Call & Check Visit in Oulu that involves delivery personnel making a personal visit to greet the customer. During these brief visits, the customer’s well-being is checked in conjunction with the delivery of mail. In the pilot, delivery personnel who have received special training for the task will deliver the day’s mail, meet the customer, and have a brief conversation following a loose script. Regular visits to greet the customer help create a sense of security and support day-to-day life at home.