Annual Report 2015


OpusCapita’s net sales decreased by 1.2% to EUR 256.7 (259.6) million. Some 59% of the net sales are from Finland, while the remaining 41% is from other countries. The decline in traditional mail delivery volumes and the accelerating shift from paper to online communications was reflected in OpusCapita’s operations, particularly in the volumes of iPost products. The volumes of iPost products decreased by 12% from the previous year.

Continuous service business operations made up 94% of OpusCapita’s net sales. This includes multi-channel invoicing and invoice management solutions for paper and electronic invoices, as well as software maintenance and SaaS fees, and regularly invoiced outsourcing services.

OpusCapita transmitted a total of 540 million transactions during the year. The total transaction volume includes printed letters, mailed paper letters and electronic transactions. The electronic transaction volume was 205 million transactions, which represents 38% of OpusCapita’s total transaction volume. Growth was fastest in the volumes of electronic invoices with a cumulative growth rate of 6%.

The decline in paper-based volumes is expected to continue in OpusCapita’s markets, which puts greater emphasis on electronic transactions, financing solutions and software-based solutions in business. This trend is expected to lead to a higher share of foreign revenue.

The Financial Accounting Outsourcing unit recorded a weak result. In response to this, a performance improvement program was initiated in the unit in the fall.

Non-recurring items recognized during the period totaled EUR -1.2 (-7.3) million. The operating result before non-recurring items declined to EUR 14.5 (20.0) million.

The operating result improved to EUR 13.3 (12.7) million.

On April 30, 2015, OpusCapita acquired the Swedish companies Kredithanterarna and Svenska Fakturaköp. The acquisitions see OpusCapita further strengthen its offering in Order-to-Cash management. The acquired companies bring strong industry expertise from the Swedish market to OpusCapita, and the Order-to-Cash solutions were also launched in Finland.

Patrik Sallner was appointed as OpusCapita’s CEO effective from October 5, 2015.

OpusCapita ceased its operations in Slovakia on September 30, 2015.

On November 11, 2015, OpusCapita signed an agreement to sell all of its business operations serving the local markets in the Baltic states to BaltCap. The transaction included OpusCapita AS, which operates in Estonia and Latvia, as well as UAB OpusCapita, which operates in Lithuania. The transaction allows OpusCapita to focus on its strategic business areas in Europe.

OpusCapita’s investments amounted to EUR 9.6 (5.8) million. The investments were related to development projects, both for customers and the company’s own processes, as well as licenses.