Annual Report 2015

Parcel and Logistics Services

The Parcel and Logistics Services business group’s operating result before non-recurring items turned to profit in spite of a decrease in net sales. Net sales decreased by 17.4% to EUR 596.7 (722.7) million. Comparable net sales, excluding the international freight business, decreased by 3.8%. Net sales declined in the freight and warehousing businesses.

Net sales grew in parcel services. Posti delivered more than 33 million parcels in Finland during the year. Posti’s parcel services volume in Finland grew by 2.3% year-on-year (2.0%). The use of parcel points increased, with the number of parcels growing by 42% year-on-year.

The business group’s operating result before non-recurring items improved to EUR 0.6 (-21.7) million. The improved operating result was particularly attributable to the divestment of international freight operations, higher demand for parcel services, and measures implemented by the Group to increase the efficiency of production operations.

The operating result was affected by non-recurring expenses of EUR -13.2 (-12.5) million, arising from the restructuring of Posti’s retail network and the sale of international freight operations.

The business group’s operating result improved to EUR -12.6 (-34.2) million.

On April 15, 2015, Posti Group Corporation signed an agreement to sell its road freight operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, as well as its international freight business in Finland, to the Danish company NTG Nordic Transport Group.

On April 23, 2015, Posti announced it will renew its service network. As part of the renewal, Posti will expand its network by approximately 100 new service points and transfer services at 77 of its own postal outlets to be managed by partners. Going forward, Posti will operate 21 postal outlets of its own.

Posti had 1,401 service points at the end of the year. After 21 new parcel points were taken into use during the year, their number totaled 480 at the end of December.