Annual Report 2015

Research and Development

Research and development expenditure in 2015 was EUR 12.9 (11.2) million, or 0.8% (0.6%) of the Group’s total operating expenses.

The development of new electronic services continued in Postal Services. Posti’s new home services were also researched, developed and piloted during the year. A new product was launched for unaddressed advertising. Since the beginning of March 2015, households have been delivered advertisements and other unaddressed items in a separate wrapped bundle twice a week.

In Parcel and Logistics Services, the focus was on comprehensive supply chain solutions and logistics solutions for multi-channel commerce. A fast hybrid warehouse for e-commerce was commissioned in Voutila. The warehouse is directly integrated with parcel sorting, which enables services such as same-day deliveries. The new logistics center Posti Group opened in Lieto late in the year is a hub for e-commerce. The logistics center in Vantaa, the robot-assisted hybrid warehouse and the Lieto logistics center offer e-commerce operators as many as two or three additional days of sales during peak seasons.

The company successfully piloted its new warehouse management system. In freight operations, the focus was on improving profitability as well as services required by the common carrier segment. Posti Group’s new cloud service GLUE (Generic Layer for Universal E-commerce) provides e-commerce with opportunities for growth. GLUE brings customers, online stores, and suppliers under the same network.

Posti Group has introduced new functions to its digital channels, including a delivery time forecast. These services are aimed at providing customers with even better opportunities for self-service, also via mobile. The product portfolio and contract structures have been clarified and simplified. The development efforts will continue in the new financial year.

Itella Russia developed warehouse management systems and carried out an extensive e-commerce project in partnership with a customer. The use of the voice-controlled goods picking system, introduced at warehouses in the previous year, was expanded, with more than 50% of the processing volume now based on this technology. The warehouses also worked on other developments, such as a goods scanning system.

OpusCapita launched a new bank-independent supply chain financing solution. Its other new products included automation services related to software robotics as well as the collection of sales receivables. OpusCapita also continued the development of the new global multi-channel invoice processing platform and invested in the development of SaaS-based end-to-end solutions that support Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes.