Annual Report 2015

37. Events after the reporting period


On January 11, 2016, OpusCapita Group Ltd sold its business operations in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which served the local markets in the Baltic countries. The transaction did not include the service centers and centers of expertise related to OpusCapita’s global business that are located in the Baltic countries.


On January 26, 2016, Posti Group announced it will commence cooperation negotiations, the sphere of which covers a total of 7,600 employees. The negotiations concern Production administration and basic delivery, the entire Sales and Customer Service unit, and certain Group functions. The preliminary estimated reduction need is 860 people.


OpusCapita announced on February 8, 2016 a new planned organization and operating model in order to implement its new strategy and to improve profitability. As part of the change, OpusCapita will start cooperation negotiations to reduce approximately 80 positions, of which a maximum of 50 in Finland and in total some 30 in other countries.