Annual Report 2015

2 Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board’s duties include the following:

  • ensuring that the company is managed according to sound business practices and on a profitable basis,
  • providing guidance to the Board of Directors on issues with broad implications or those deemed important in principle,
  • providing the Annual General Meeting (AGM) with an opinion on the company’s financial statements and the auditors’ report,
  • monitoring the functionality of postal services and the consideration of proposals for changes in the services.

The Supervisory Board has adopted written rules and procedures which lay out the Board’s key responsibilities and working principles.

Posti Group Corporation’s AGM elects the members of the Supervisory Board and appoints the Board’s Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Supervisory Board has six to twelve members. Persons aged 68 and above are not eligible for membership of the Board. The term of office for the members is one year and it ends at the close of the AGM that follows their election.

Posti’s Supervisory Board 2015





Attendance at meetings

Mauri Pekkarinen
(Chairman) *)
1947 M.Soc.Sc. Member of Parliament 3/4
Satu Haapanen
(Vice-Chairman) *)
1969 M.Sc.(Econ.) School teacher,
Member of Parliament
Ritva Elomaa *) 1955 Matriculation examination, Radiographer Member of Parliament 4/4
Lars-Erik Gästgivars *) 1946   Member of Parliament 2/4
Outi Mäkelä *) 1974 M.Sc.(Econ.) Member of Parliament 3/4
Reijo Ojennus *) 1947 Trade Technician Entrepreneur,
Managing Director
Raimo Piirainen *) 1952   Member of Parliament 3/4
Tuomo Puumala *) 1982 M.Soc.Sc. Member of Parliament 3/4
Teuvo V. Riikonen *) 1960 MA (Theology) Executive Manager 4/4
Kimmo Sasi *) 1952 Master of Laws,
Member of Parliament 4/4
Markku Rossi
(Chairman) **)
1956 Editor-in-Chief Member of Parliament 1/5
Jani Toivola
Vice-Chairman **)
1977 Actor,
Member of Parliament 1/5
Maria Guzenina 1969 Matriculation examination Reporter,
Member of Parliament
Marisanna Jarva **) 1981 Master of
Member of Parliament 1/5
Rami Lehto 1973 Electric Power Technology
Member of Parliament 1/5
Eeva-Maria Maijala **) 1967 Master of Laws
with court training
Member of Parliament 1/5
Sari Moisanen 1980 BEng Acting
Managing Director
Mats Nylund **) 1964 Farmer Member of Parliament 0/5
Sari Raassina 1963 Licentiate
in Medicine
Member of Parliament 1/5
Lulu Ranne **) 1971 M.Sc.(Tech.) Project and Environmental Expert 1/5
Satu Taavitsainen **) 1977 Bachelor of
Social Services
Member of Parliament 1/5
Kari Tolvanen **) 1961 Senior Detective Inspector Member of Parliament 1/5

*) until November 12, 2015
**) as of November 12, 2015