Annual Report 2015

3 Board of Directors

The duties of Posti Group Corporation’s Board of Directors are specified in the Limited Liability Companies Act, the Articles of Association, and the Decision-Making Guidelines approved by the Board of Directors. Accordingly, the Board is responsible for:

  • controlling and supervising executive management,
  • appointing and, if necessary, dismissing the President and CEO,
  • approving the company’s strategic goals and risk management principles, and
  • ensuring the functioning of the company’s management system.

The Board has adopted written rules and procedures which lay out the Board’s key responsibilities and working principles.

Posti Group Corporation’s AGM elects the members of Posti Group Corporation’s Board of Directors and appoints the Board’s Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Board of Directors has between five and nine members. Persons aged 68 and above are not eligible for membership of the Board. The members are elected for a one-year term at a time and their terms of office end at the close of the AGM following their election.

The Board of Directors evaluates its performance and working methods on an annual basis. It also assesses the performance and working methods of the President and CEO.

Posti’s Board of Directors 2015





Attendance at meetings

Arto Hiltunen,
1958 M.Sc.(Econ.) Professional Board member 16/16
Päivi Pesola,
Vice Chairman
1956 M.Sc.(Econ.) Director of Finance 16/16
Petri Järvinen 1964 M.Sc.(Tech.) Global Supply Chain Planning Director 15/16
Petri Kokko 1966 M.Sc.(Econ.) Director 14/16
Jussi Kuutsa 1964 M.SC.(Econ.) Country Director 16/16
Marja Pokela 1955 BBA Government Ownership Steering Department, Senior Financial Specialist 16/16
Riitta Savonlahti *) 1964 M.Sc.(Econ.) Executive Vice President, HR 3/16
Kirsi Nuotto **) 1959 MA Executive Vice President, HR 13/16
Suvi-Anne Siimes 1963 Licentiate of
Social Sciences
President and CEO 16/16

*) until March 18, 2015
**) as of March 18, 2015

All Board members other than Marja Pokela, who is in an employment relationship with the Ownership Steering Department of the Prime Minister’s Office, are independent of the shareholder.