Annual Report 2015


Succeeding together with the customer

  • We provide added value for the customer in everything we do.
  • We proactively provide services and solutions based on excellent understanding of the customer’s business.
  • We serve customers as One Posti through our entire service chain.
  • We work close to the customer.

Driving for improvement and innovation

  • We are open minded towards change and development.
  • We build on our strengths and welcome new ideas to enhance our profitability.
  • We continuously learn and grow both as individuals and as a company.
  • We execute changes thoroughly; we communicate openly, learn from experiences, and adjust when needed.

Taking responsibility

  • We commit to decisions and make them happen.
  • We keep our promises to each other to fulfill our commitment to the customer.
  • We are trustworthy and base our business on reliability.
  • We care for our people, the environment, and society.

Winning together

  • We work together to reach our common goals.
  • We share information and best practices.
  • We are team players and respect each other.
  • We are proud of Posti and our work.