Annual Report 2015

Engaged multi-skilled employees

Posti is the largest private employer in Finland. We are an equal, international, multicultural, and tolerant workplace community. Our aim is to be the best workplace in the industry by 2020.

During the year, we received 27,504 job applications. In Finland, we entered into 338 new permanent employment contracts. Seasonal changes are significant in our industry, and we hire the highest number of seasonal employees in the summer and around Christmas. We provided summer jobs for approximately 1,900 people across Finland. We prepared for the Christmas season by hiring 3,350 seasonal assistants in different parts of the country. Most of the seasonal assistants worked in mail delivery, sorting, and transportation.

We also participated in the national Responsible Summer Job campaign, alongside many other companies, making a commitment to its principles: a meaningful job and reasonable pay, a good applicant experience, employee orientation and guidance, fair and equal treatment, and a written employment contract and reference.

Multiculturalism is a significant resource for our company. In Finland alone, our employees represent 80 nationalities.

Since 2012, we have been a member of Diversity Charter Finland, which is coordinated by the corporate responsibility network FIBS. We were among the first companies in Finland to sign the charter. Diversity Charter Finland offers its members information on best practices in the management of diversity and support in business development. The dimensions of diversity include age, sex, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, operational capability, and religion, among other aspects.

Me postilaiset wins best personnel magazine award in Finland

Posti’s personnel magazine, Me postilaiset, was recognized as the best personnel magazine in Finland in the annual Procom Magazine Review. The jury characterized Me postilaiset by stating that the best personnel magazine of the year is “a modern, clear, high-quality, and professionally produced publication. The Posti Group employees who produce Me postilaiset have understood that a personnel magazine must foster a positive spirit and a sense of togetherness. The jury finds that employees are presented in the magazine as interesting personalities.”

Me postilaiset is a magazine for all Posti Group employees in Finland. Its circulation is approximately 19,000 copies and it is delivered to employees’ homes. The purpose of the magazine is to communicate to employees the Group’s objectives, financial development, and changes in operations.



Focus on well-being at work

Posti’s goal is to provide a healthy and safe working environment for its employees. No employees should suffer injuries or illnesses, neither physical nor psychological, at work. This goal can be achieved through proactive measures including the prevention of occupational accidents, good ergonomics, and work design.

Posti is committed to promoting the well-being at work of its personnel and their ability to cope with work to ensure that employees are healthy and motivated in different life situations and through the various stages of their employment relationship. Putting well-being at work into practice is part of the daily work of supervisors. Every Posti employee is also responsible for promoting psychological well-being in the working community.

Posti provides a diverse range of well-being services to its employees, including occupational health care, support for independent physical exercise under a sports program, sport and wellness events via the Foundation for Well-being at Work, as well as support for workplace meals.

Posti employees have access to comprehensive health care and medical services aimed at supporting the employee’s well-being at work, work ability, and occupational safety in all career stages.

Since 2006, Posti has had its own Foundation for Well-being at Work tasked with promoting the physical and psychological health of employees. The Foundation’s operations are divided into measures improving well-being at work and research activities. Events organized by the Foundation include sports festivals and Kuntoremontti fitness overhauls, for example. The activities are intended for all Group employees in Finland.

Promoting occupational safety is high on the agenda

Reducing our accident frequency is one of our most important areas of development. Altogether 1,739 (2014: 1,971) accidents were recorded at Posti in Finland during 2015. Figures include both accidents that happened at the workplace and during commutes. Posti’s LTA1 figure, which reflects the frequency of occupational accidents per one million working hours, was 38.8 (2014: 39.1). The figures do not include OpusCapita.

We continued to conduct safety tours by senior management during the year. In 2015, we focused particularly on increasing safety observations and corrective actions. We achieved a new record in safety observations with 7,786 observations, and we increased their rate of completion from 45% to 78% during the year. We also began to monitor proactive measures on a monthly basis with regard to safety walkabouts and turvavartti safety updates. A total of 1,712 safety walkabouts and 1,515 turvavartti safety updates took place during the year.

We also organized an occupational safety seminar, occupational safety week, and accident awareness day for our personnel. The focus of these events was on proactive occupational safety measures and discussion on occupational safety. We took a pioneering role by joining the Institute of Marketing to launch a Specialist Qualification in Management focused on occupational safety management, with 27 managers and supervisors from production operations participating in the program. We also provided Occupational Safety Card training, with content customized to Posti’s operations, to a total of 48 participants (46 early-morning delivery supervisors and two experts).