Annual Report 2015

Responsible employer

Posti conducts a personnel survey annually. The Voice survey assesses the extent to which employees are dedicated to their work and their employer, and the extent to which the employer is successful in facilitating good performance. The survey is divided into eight themes: employee commitment, facilitating performance, teamwork and cooperation, future and leadership, performance management, well-being, strategy, and cultural change.

The survey was conducted in September in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia. More than 11,000 Posti employees completed the survey, which represents 62% (2014: 59%) of all personnel.

Based on the results, the employee dedication index was 47% (2014: 48%). This means that slightly under half of employees expressed a positive attitude towards the four aspects measuring dedication. When compared to the norm in the postal and logistics industry on a global scale, the result can be considered low. Posti is undergoing a major transformation, which may be reflected in the results of the personnel survey. Linking one’s own role and activities to the strategy is a key factor in assessing dedication. The results also revealed clear differences between different units and employee groups. The results indicate that the implementation of strategy has reached the management, supervisor and expert levels of the organization to a good extent.

At 58% (2014: 58%), the performance facilitation index was higher than the employee dedication index. It measures the extent of an organization’s commitment to producing excellent customer service and high-quality products or services and to basing its operations on the practices of continuous improvement. Cooperation with one’s closest colleagues, in particular, was rated at a good level.

Uusi polku program helps employees get a new start

Posti’s business is undergoing a major transformation and, in recent years, we have had to carry out several cooperation negotiations with personnel representatives based on production-related and financial reasons. In these difficult situations, it is important for Posti to operate responsibly and seek solutions related to personnel impacts in cooperation with personnel organizations.

As a responsible employer, we have invested in helping our personnel to cope with the changes in the industry. In 2014, we launched the Uusi polku (New Path) support program for our personnel. The support program offers personal counseling and services to those who are interested in a new career, retraining or starting a business. In addition to the services, Posti offers a monetary lump sum in compensation, proportional to the duration of the employment relationship, for those who volunteer for the program.

As of December 31, 2015, a total of 1,327 employees have applied for the program, and 925 have been accepted. We are actively monitoring the impacts of the program on its participants. Based on a survey of past participants, a significant proportion of the respondents (80%) have been successful in realizing the plans they had when leaving the company. They have either found a new job, found a place of study, started a business, or retired. The remaining 20% of the respondents indicated that they were out of work at the time of the survey. A total of 29 respondents indicated that they have started a business during the time the program has been in effect.

In 2015, personnel reductions amounted to a total of 423 person-years. Out of this total, 328 person-years were related to production and finance and 42 person-years were reduced through voluntary resignation and pension plans. In addition, 53 person-years were related to acquisitions.