Annual Report 2015

GRI reporting

Our sustainability reporting is based on the GRI G4 guidelines (the Global Reporting Initiative). In addition, we comply with the reporting requirements of our owner, the Finnish State. In accordance with the guidelines, we focus on factors that are key to our operations and essential to our stakeholders. This report complies with the GRI G4 guidelines and covers the key areas of economic, social, and environmental responsibility.

Posti has self-declared its sustainability reporting to be in accordance with the Core level of GRI’s G4 guidelines. Accordingly, Posti reports material sustainability details and indicators related to its operations so that the report provides a sufficient and balanced view of sustainability and its impacts. The comparison of the report content with the GRI G4 guidelines is presented in the GRI index.

The report has not been the subject of external assurance. The accuracy of the information presented has been verified internally. An external party has assessed the compliance of the materiality assessment process with the GRI G4 guidelines.

Reporting description and boundary

The data is reported on an annual basis, and the reporting period runs from January 1 to December 31. We report the key indicators of the sustainability areas to the Board of Directors at least once a year.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the reporting covers all operations of our parent company and subsidiaries. It also covers all Group functions in all countries of operation. The reporting does not, as a rule, include the operations of subcontractors or affiliated companies. The coverage of the indicators is reported in conjunction with the indicators.

The information on personnel is primarily included in GRI reporting in Finland. With regard to personnel, we have calculated the key indicators in accordance with the Accounting Standards Board’s general guidelines on annual reports.

Since 2009, our environmental reporting has covered all of our countries of operation. The indicators for environmental responsibility cover our operations with the greatest environmental impact in all of our countries of operation. In Finland, the environmental calculations also include the environmental impact of subcontracted transport.

The calculation of carbon dioxide emissions covers all of Posti’s business operations. The key standards applied in our environmental calculations are:

  • The WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and
  • The GHG Inventory Standard for the Postal Sector, which includes more detailed instructions for the postal industry.

The data and indicators for financial responsibility are obtained from the Consolidated Financial Statements, prepared in accordance with the IFRS standards approved by the European Union. The notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements are prepared in compliance with Finnish accounting and corporate legislation.

As an issuer of two publicly listed bonds, we are obliged to disclose periodic information to a limited extent. Our duty of disclosure is based on the Finnish Securities Market Act and the rules and regulations of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. A more detailed description of our financial communications policy is available on our website at In connection with our Financial Statements, we also publish our Corporate Governance Statement, referred to in Recommendation 54 of the Finnish Corporate Governance Code of the Securities Market Association.

Contact information

Noomi Jägerhorn, Head of Sustainability: noomi.jagerhorn (at)
Hannele Parkkinen, Corporate Responsibility Manager: hannele.parkkinen (at)