Annual Report 2015

Cooperation with stakeholders

The postal industry is undergoing a profound transformation, which is why Posti must actively engage its stakeholders. Our key stakeholders are customers, personnel, the state as our owner, political decision-makers, authorities and the media, as well as our partners in subcontracting, research and the industry. The table below presents our key stakeholders and their expectations, as well as the key tools and forms of stakeholder interaction during the review period.

Stakeholder group
Key interaction tools and results in 2015
  • Reliable high-quality postal and logistics services and financial management services for a reasonable price
  • Information security and protection of privacy in all services
  • Commitment to ethical principles
  • Modernization in response to customer needs
  • Solutions for digitization
  • Environmental efficiency
  • We made effective use of customer satisfaction surveys and feedback.
  • We expanded the carbon neutral Posti Green portfolio to cover all operations in Finland.
  • We operate in an environmentally responsible way by reducing the emissions of our vehicles, for example. Since 2011 the emissions of Posti’s delivery vehicles have decreased by 8 %.
  • Responsible management and supervisory work
  • Equal treatment of personnel
  • Competitive and fair rewards
  • Development of well-being at work
  • Engagement and flow of information
  • Posti is in the midst of an industry transformation, which is why we have placed a significant focus on change management and the training of personnel. Approximately 180 supervisors participated in the Changemakers training, while some 450 supervisors participated in line management training for production operations.
  • The bonus plan covers the entire Group.
  • The Group invested in occupational safety and organized safety walkabouts for management, for example.
  • Posti organized Ideatalkoot (Idea Drive), an innovation competition for personnel, which saw nearly 90 employees submit a total of 57 ideas for business development.
  • Employees have a channel for submitting feedback on issues related to the Code of Conduct and topics discussed by the equality committee. Feedback can also be submitted anonymously.
  • We continued to actively cooperate with our personnel, and managers and employee representatives met regularly at cooperation meetings.
Owner, political decision-makers, and authorities
  • Reliable high-quality postal services for reasonable prices throughout Finland
  • Profitability and solvency
  • Good governance and transparency of operations
  • Employees’ status and rights, and environmental responsibility
  • Increasing ownership value in a sustainable and responsible manner
  • The revised Employee Code of Conduct was deployed among personnel. In 2015, the Group completion rate for the training was 63%.
  • Active dialog with political decision-makers, interest groups, and authorities.
Partners in subcontracting, research, and the industry
  • Transparent sourcing criteria and equal treatment of suppliers
  • Pilot and research projects for new technologies and business models
  • An active role in international industry associations
  • Permanent membership of PostEurop, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), and the International Post Corporation (IPC).
  • Membership of the Finnish service sector employers’ association Palta, the Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics (FiCom), and Finnish Business & Society (FIBS).
The media
  • Fast and reliable flow of information
  • High level of availability and swift services
  • We issued approximately 300 media releases during the year.
  • We organized meetings with representatives of the media and offered reporters information on news and current events in our industry.
  • Our MediaDesk serves journalists: we received nearly 700 contact requests from the media. We generally responded to all requests for an interview within 30 minutes.

Stakeholder survey results

At the turn of the year, Posti surveyed its stakeholders’ views regarding the regulation of the postal industry, the future of the industry, as well as their perceptions related to corporate responsibility. The survey was sent to consumers and business decision-makers, as well as representatives of the public administration and labor market organizations.

The results of the survey indicate that consumers, business decision-makers, and influencers in the public administration all understand the need for change in the postal industry and support the customer-focused development of the business. According to the respondents, the most important objectives related to regulatory reform in the postal industry include ensuring reasonably priced postal services throughout the country, on the one hand, and easing regulation to curb the increase in delivery costs, on the other hand.

The respondents were asked about how to best secure the availability of postal services in the future. The most commonly held view was that services are best secured by improving the profitability of Posti’s business and easing the regulation of the postal industry. Subsidizing postal operations from the state budget or by a separate postal tax was not a popular option among the respondents.

Consumers value Posti’s comprehensive retail network and accept that Posti must develop its cooperation with partner companies to ensure the availability of postal services.

With regard to responsibility, the themes highlighted as the most important by the respondents included ensuring confidentiality and information security for customers as well as ethicality and transparency in business. Promoting occupational safety and the well-being of the personnel as well as improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions from transport operations and properties were also rated as important issues for Posti’s image as a responsible company.

Measuring the customer experience

Recognizing that the customer experience is key, we constantly request feedback from our customers in order to further improve our operations. We conduct customer satisfaction studies both on a project and incident-specific basis and with more comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys that are conducted regularly once or twice a year. In Finland, we conducted one extensive consumer and business customer survey in 2015.

The consumers’ overall rating of Posti as a whole declined from the previous year. The overall assessment represents more than the sum of customer experiences, as it is related to a broader view of Posti’s position in society. Customer ratings related to parcel delivery, however, improved substantially from the previous year and remained at a high level. This was particularly attributable to a high level of satisfaction with regard to home-delivered parcels and Parcel Point services. The overall satisfaction rating for customer service decreased slightly from the previous year, but the ratings for self-services provided at Posti outlets and via the online and mobile channels remained at a good level.

Among business customers, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) increased from the previous year for postal services as well as parcel and logistics services. Customers have been satisfied with Posti’s parcel services for several years. Customer satisfaction among freight and supply chain customers in Finland also improved from the previous year.