Annual Report 2015

A pioneer of green logistics

All of Posti’s delivery, transport, freight, and warehousing services in Finland are carbon neutral Posti Green services that involve no additional cost to customers. By using Posti Green products, our customers can reduce CO2 emissions in their supply chain processes.

Posti Green services are part of Posti’s environmental program, which is aimed at decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2020. As part of Posti’s environmental program, the carbon dioxide emissions arising from operations are actively reduced by route optimization, the efficient combination of deliveries, and using an ecological driving style.

The remaining emissions are neutralized through participation in climate projects. In practice, if transporting a letter produces 20 grams of carbon dioxide, or transporting a parcel produces approximately 900 grams, we use certified climate projects to ensure that an equal amount of emissions is reduced somewhere else.

Our fleet of approximately 4,000 commercial vehicles in Finland recorded a total of 108 million kilometers last year. Posti plays a significant role in developing environmentally friendly delivery and transport. We have taken a pioneering role in this area by actively participating in the testing of alternative fuels. In 2006, we were the first company in Finland to roll out natural gas vehicles in delivery operations.

Our fleet currently includes approximately 40 biogas vehicles that run on 100% renewable Finnish Gasum biogas. Biogas produces no harmful particles and practically no greenhouse gas emissions during its life cycle. We are also participating in the Dual Fuel research project by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland to investigate the combined use of biodiesel and biogas in heavy vehicles.

In 2014, we equipped all of Posti’s delivery and transport vehicles with driving habit monitoring devices. The devices are a daily tool used in production activities, including supervisory work, planning, and operations management. Some 10,000 drivers have received training on the use of the monitoring device, which provides them with reports on their driving economy, safety as well as improvement targets on their driving habit.

The driving habit monitoring devices help reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. They also make it possible to set and monitor area-specific targets for both consumption and emissions. During the year, the monitoring devices and the improved utilization rate of our vehicles allowed us to reduce the number of traffic accidents as well as our maintenance costs. The average fuel consumption of vehicles used in mail delivery operations increased by 0.8% from the previous year. There were significant changes during the review period with regard to the operating model and the use of vehicles. The same vehicles were used to carry mail, parcels, and freight. The fill rate of vehicles improved substantially, which led to an increase in the average consumption in spite of an improvement in the driving habit index.

We also deliver mail by foot and by bicycle. A total of 1,900 delivery routes are handled by bicycle and foot every day which is 36% of all the routes. We also use environmentally friendly electric carts, 1,200 electric bicycles, and electric cars. Increasing the number of electric cars in delivery operations has thus far been challenging, as electric cars suitable for winter conditions in Finland are not available. About half of the mopeds we use are electric.

Posti Green service model

All of our services in Finland are carbon neutral Posti Green services which cause zero emissions for our customers.

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Own vehicles: 108 million km
Subcontracting: 85 million km
Total: 41 million liters

By bicycle:
1.6 million kilometers
On foot:
0.6 million kilometers

87 GWh
63 GWh
Number of
properties: 596

Over 8 million per day
Over 2 billion per year

1,401 service points
480 parcel points

13 service warehouses
Total service warehouse
area: 370 000 m²

2.2 million freight
per year

Parcel volume, incl.
e-commerce: 33 million

100 municipalities
2 million home-delivered
meals per year